• SEAL-TIGHT Shield (Pk/5) Dressing & Wound Protector

SEAL-TIGHT Shield (Pk/5) Dressing & Wound Protector

Disposable SEAL-TIGHT© Shield patches are a secondary or supplemental dressing that allows patients to shower while keeping wound sites or surgical dressings dry * SEAL-TIGHT© Shield fills need for site specific moisture protection * Easy to apply and remove SEAL-TIGHT© Shield is made of transparent film permitting view of wound or bandage to be covered * 5 x 8 size provides 3 << x 6 coverage area * Design features paper release liner with medical grade adhesive located around perimeter of patch * Release tab allows easy removal following showering * Use for dressings infusion ostomy catheters biopsies or laparascopic procedures * Latex-free * 5/pkg

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  • $35.87