• Basic Magnet WC & Bed Alarm Wheelchair & Bed Alarm

Basic Magnet WC & Bed Alarm Wheelchair & Bed Alarm

This easy-to-use low cost pull-string monitor activates when resident movement occurs beyond the preset distance * The monitor attaches to a bed or chair and the clip is attached to the resident's clothing * An alarm sounds when the magnetic seal is broken between the monitor and the magnet indicating that the resident has moved beyond the set parameters * Clip attaches securely to resident's clothing * Reliable multi-directional magnetic pull-switch * Adjustable-length cord clips to resident's clothing * Meets JCAHO ( Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) guidelines * Alarm is always in the on position making it impossible for staff to forget to turn the alarm on and preventing the alarm from being accidentally turned off * Mounting bracket easily attaches to practically all wheelchairs or beds * Standard color is black * Operates on one 9V battery (included) * 6 month warranty

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  • $48.89